Save Our Deck

Save Our Deck

The Deck at the Pohara Boat Club needs replacing.

The current deck is original from when the building was built over 20 years ago, over time it has started leaking into the boat shed below causing a beam to rot & require replacing to.

Due to the position of the deck and the location, its not an easy repair job, the deck doors will need to come out, wall boards removed before work can begin on replacing the deck, this makes it an expensive task.

A dedicated team of builders along with some volunteers will be tackling the task.

We are applying for grants from other sources of funding but need your help to achieve our goal..

Every dollar counts!

The deck is a very popular spot for diners in the Summer enjoying the view overlooking Port Tarakohe Harbour and around to Pohara Beach

The money raised will be spend on a new beam and new decking materials along with labor costs.

Any surplus money will be put towards our Junior Sailing program - Getting kids off devices and on the water.

All donations appreciated, you can donated via our Give a little page (link below), or directly into the club bank account. Account details are under the membership payment tab (please use club deck as reference).