Ramp Card T & C's

It has been brought to our attention that some people are abusing the ramp card system.

Anyone seen double swiping or following closely behind others to get through in one swipe will have there ramp cards disabled. 

With Summer just around the corner it would be a shame to not be able to launch your boat, especially since the snapper are here!!

The Pohara Boat Club accepts NO responsibility for any cancelled ramp card.

If your card has been cancelled please contact Steve, TDC Harbor Manager

Terms & Conditions from TDC state:

Any misuse of access cards, the barrier arm, the ramp or facility may result in card cancellation at the sole discretion of the Harbor Manager   

Any damage caused will be invoiced directly to the user or person responsible, if the person is not known, the registered owner of the vehicle with that person or persons will be invoiced. 

Invoicing will include managers time billed at $75.00 per hour or part thereof. Wheel clamping is an option and may be used in extreme cases. Removal of a wheel clamp is $100.00, any damage to a wheel clamp is actual cost plus managers time. 

The Port has cameras located to monitor activity, manage health and safety and security risks.  The footage from these camera's will be used to support enforcement action against parties that ignore the fees and charges for use of facilities at Port Tarakohe.

Port Rules!

1.       Boat speed in the port, there are too many recreational boats doing well over 5 Knots. No boat should be coming or going on the plane or semi plane in the port area. If a boat is creating Wake you’re going too fast.  Any craft exceeding 5 knots within the harbor and/ or 200m from shore is a $200.00 fine, (may also lead to prosecution of $2000.00 to the individual).

2.       Navigational lights on boats. I observed a recreational boat leaving the port at approx 5 am Saturday morning with  no lighting whatsoever. The craft was weaving behind the MV Platinum and trying to avoid the MV Anatoki entering the harbor. Not a great situation all round!!. Any Craft capable of 7 knots or above must have suitable navigation lights.Basic rules are as follows,The law requires power boats to have lights when operating between sunset and sunrise.This is essential for safety, particularly when operating in high traffic areas such as around ports.The infringement for not displaying adequate lights is $100.00, but if a prosecution is taken under Maritime Rules Part 22: Collision Prevention, then max penalty on conviction of an individual is $5000.00 (or $30,000.00 for a body corporate).