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Yachting New Zealand have developed a range of courses for learning to sail small boats (dinghies). These courses are delivered by qualified Yachting New Zealand coaches and completion of each level comes with a certificate/qualification. Yachting New Zealand’s learn to sail programme is the only nationally recognised learn to sail programme in New Zealand. These courses are also internationally recognised by World Sailing.

Dinghy learn to sail has three levels:

  • Start… Sailing! (level 1)

  • Sailing… Fast! (level 2)

  • Go… Racing! (level 3)



Level 1

This course teaches the basics of sailing, to get you up and going.


Level 2

This course builds on the skills learned in Start… Sailing! to become more skilled sailors, more competent in manoeuvres and greater wind conditions.

These two levels are often delivered together and usually take 20-30 hours to complete.


Level 3

Go… Racing! helps you take your sailing to the next level.


The course starts out focusing on the basic concepts of racing and works through improving boat speed, learning about weather, race strategy and getting you ready to race.


To learn more, follow this link.

Pōhara Boat Club currently offers Learn to Sail levels 1 and 2 to club members. These courses are run over a 6-week period with each session 2.5-hour session involving on the water theory and on the water practical.

Dates are to be confirmed for 2023 but we will be offering a LTS 1 course starting in term 1.

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